The Most Amazing Band You've Never Heard Of

There are lots of bands out there that are great. There are plenty more out there that you've never heard. Occasionally, there are bands that belong to both groups, and this is one of them.

The House of Soviet Eyewear (T.H.O.S.E. for short) is a fantastic band. Great lyrics with a powerful and distinctive lead singer combined with an odd electronic/dance/industrial mix that makes for an amazing night out for the ears. The problem? They happen to fall into the latter category of no one having heard of them. In fact, so little known there seems to be no information on them.

The only information and songs from them I've been able to find has been their myspace page, where I happened to rip the songs from said page in a lack of any other source for their music.


Taken from the page:

T.H.O.S.E. - (The House Of Soviet Eyewear) Coke is it! Something D-O-O Economics, Perestroika and, the palpable prospect of Global Thermonuclear War, heady fodder for adolescent insomnia, set to the back drop of lavish Fairlight production, beat-box breakdown, mix-tape mélange and faux flower-power anachronism.

Seriously, I can't find anything. Nothing on the usual places like last.fm, Wikipedia and nothing in various forums and other places via Google searching. No information on released album and no information on where to get them. It's almost as if this band doesn't exist, except that they do. They must. Their music exists, their myspace page exists and the little info it has. But alas, nothing across the entire interwebs of hyper tube information.

Please, is there anything out there on them?

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